How did this all start?

I started building websites in 1998.  I started an SEO Comapany in 2009 called  
I've successfully built membership websites,  practiced online reputation management and helped several businesses revolutionize the way they do business.  All of these things culminated in the creation of Ease Web Development.  I've known a long time that people who fully utilize technology in their business model have an unfair advantage among their competition.  Thomas Friedman wrote in his book, "The World Is Flat 2.0" that technology has leveled the playing field.  It's no longer 1st world countries or large corporations who dominate the commercial space.  Small to medium sized businesses, and even Sole Proprietors can fairly compete for a market share, in their industry, in their town. They have to enable themselves to do so, by adopting the use of technology in their businesses.  That's where Ease Web Development comes in.   A business owner should focus on what they do best.  We identify the need, implement the solution and automate the rest.  This provides visibility for the business, increased business as a result of organic leads, and refined businesses processed through the implementation of software.